• Company will enter in to an agreement with PCD distributor, whereby monopoly rights of marketing brands of the company in specified territory will be granted. No other person will be allowed to market such brands in specified territory. PCD franchisee will not be allowed to infiltrate goods outside his allocated territory.
  • Location and size of territory will depend on marketing setup of PCD distributor and scope of business generation. Depending on growth of business, territory can be expanded if such territory is vacant to do so.
  • Relationship between the company and the PCD distributor will be that of seller and buyer. Goods will be sold on non-returnable basis on net price. Net price will be ex-factory Roorkee. However if supply is more than Rs. 50,000 in single dispatch, then company will bear the fare by cheapest mode of transport.
  • Company will provide marketing support in form of Visual Aid, Product literature, PS, Periodical gifts for doctors, marketing stationary etc. to the extent possible at nominal cost.
  • Goods will be provided with transit insurance. In case of Damage/
    Shortage / Pilferage etc. in transit, company will not be responsible. However in such event company will claim insurance from insurance company and amount so received will be credited to the account of PCD distributor.
  • Goods will be dispatched within 4-5 days of receipt of confirmed order and advance payment. Company may grant credit facility after 6 transactions to those customers, whose payment history is satisfactory. However where credit is granted, LR will only be released only after receipt of postdated account payee cheque.
  • PCD distributor will be allowed to appoint sub-stockiest or dealer or medical representative on his expenses in his territory. Company will not be responsible for such internal appointments or arrangements and no compensation will be paid for such arrangements.