Contract manufacturing (P to P / 3rd Party manufacturing) is one of the major services offered by Hiral Labs ltd. We manufacture around 400 different formulations for more than 285 Indian companies in approximately 4000 different brands.

We are known for:

  • Formulating customized product that is to say size, shape, colour, taste, disintegration and dissolution profile and packaging as per requirement of customer and his market.

  • High efficacy formulations comparable to brand leaders meeting pharmacopeia and prescribed drug standards.

  • Critical products with assured stability throughout the shelf life.

  • More than 70 change parts for various packaging options.

  • Timely supplies without botheration of follow ups.

  • Large as well as small size batch sizes as per need of customer.

Our contract manufacturing Product List provides all the details of products which we currently offer for contract manufacturing. Please do not hesitate to contact us for new product development even if not listed in our current product list. Working Arrangements details our system of association for contract manufacturing.